Customer Comments

Customer Letters and Emails

Jackie, thanks for everything I’’ll never forget it. Carrie Underwood, Nashville, TN

I bow at your feet, great master of music and reader-of-minds.  You “got me” again.  And, yes, Angela nailed it.  Thank you so much! Love you guys!  Kathy Miller, Grand View, MI

Jackie, I got the demo yesterday afternoon and wanted to thank you right away. I absolutely love the new demo. The singer did a wonderful job and the harmony sounds fabulous! Thank you so much for getting back to me, putting that extra effort in to make sure your customers are happy. I really appreciate it, especially since I am out of state and we’ve never even met. I am sending the song to TAXI – I’ll let you know if it does anything. Thank you again, Jackie. Debbie Bednarczyk, MA

I am just tickled with the music that you put with my lyrics. I really really love what you did with it and so has everybody who has listened to it. I just couldn’t have imagined anything could come out so good. It’s just the way I heard it in my head. Janet Wolfinger, Springfield, VA

Dear Jackie, Today…. I received in the mail, the two tracks you did for me .Thank you so much! The music is just so full and rich – it has enhanced my songs so much. I love them! Please thank the demo singer, and musicians involved. I am thrilled to bits, and completely satisfied!! Ann Pascoe Taranaki, New Zealand

Hi Jackie, I have decided to have you arrange my music because your music sounds better than your competitors’ music, and you have excellent customer service compared to other companies who never returned phone calls and e-mails. Your prompt attention shows me that you will do a good job. Tish Macurio Ann, Arbor MI

I knew that writing to your goodself was the best possible move I could have ever made. All 3 songs are exactly how I knew they should be turned out. I don’t need ever to look anywhere else for a good production service as I’ve found one right here with you, and you can quote me on that one. It seemed you knew me without knowing me.  Lynn Archer, Essex, UK

Two more songs that you demoed got publishing contracts.That’s three out of four that you’ve done. Sounds like a pretty good track record to me. I think I’m on to something here!! Norma Owen, Plainview, MN

You are VERY good at what you do and you are ALWAYS right on the mark. Thanks for being a part of what makes this songwriting thing so much fun. Trish Boston MAThanks for the demo. I’m surprised how quickly I received it. Once again you’ve come through. Tim did a bang up job on vocals, and the arrangement had a great feel! Thank all the players for me. Your demos don’t re-write the song-they compliment the song. Ray Fontenault, NY, NY

Dear Jackie, I loooove the songs!!! The melodies you put to my lyrics were great! I can’t believe how good they turned out.Thanks and I’ll send you a couple more and we’ll do the same thing. Cook and Carlson doesn’t sound half bad does it? KathyCarlson CAI thought I’d forward the review of our “Hart and Soul” CD to you because it specifically gives praise to the production, which was pretty much all your knowledge, expertise, and skill. Tell the A-team that they gave“…strong musical contributions. Jon Hart, Worthington, IN

The wedding song you did for me was beautiful!Everyone loved it. Thanks! Leah Collins, Wilmington, NC

I received my song today and am crazy about how you produced it! IT SOUNDS VERY VERY GOOD! Your statement was “I hope you like it”. Mr. Cook, I don’t like it. I LOVE IT!!!! You have really given me (a wanna be songwriter) HOPE. It is radio-ready and I shall pitch it immediately. Thank you for your time and attention to my songs! B. J. Mathews, Hondo, TX

You did a super job with my song! You got the right idea and I got what I wanted…The singer is so good and the piano is great…This is my first Nashville demo…I’m like a little kid at Christmas! Marge Musselman, Woster, OH

You made the song a stone cold hit for positive christian country music! Jim Black, Nashville, TN

Several Months ago you and Buddy Jewell recorded a demo for me… I thought you would like to know that it just won 2d prize Country in the Billboard Song Contest, and I’ll be looking forward to working with you again on more demos. Thanks for making this possible. Jim Hoye, Tacoma, WA

Jackie, …you are by far, one of the best demo production companies I have ever come across. The singer did a fantastic job, this is really great. The harmonies worked very well. Thank you very much for your production, input and efforts. I’m very proud of what you’ve all done. Richard Chadwick, Dooradoyle, Ireland

Thanks for the super job! You’re too cool!! Your talent, hard work and kindness will always be held with respect. Junie K.Randall, Grand Forks, ND

IT IS TRULY AWSOME!!!! I received it in the mail today, along with the sample cd demo. So I have everything. Tim sure sings with feeling!!!! You are a true Master, Jackie. I love everything about the song. Now I can promote the song. I am very, very pleased! Jackie, Wild Oats Records wants me to send them my demo. I have never had this much activity and interest in any of my songs. You are the best!! David James, Chesapeake, VA

Jeff Taylor here. Just got my demo. I Just Can’t Believe I’m Here. GREAT JOB!!!! new singer is great. Jeff Taylor, Mt View, VA

A great big thank you to you and the musicians for the last session we did. I’ve never been more pleased! Dennis Booz, Fresno, CA

Take Me Away took me away!! Way to go… An outstanding job indeed. I am certainly looking forward to a long working relationship with you. Brian D., Ontario, Canada

Jackie, I am speechless, and don’t even have words to describe how fantastic I think the songs turned out. What great producing and musicians. Everyone was awesome. If anyone can pull it off producing a country song from a pop demo, you can! I am so glad that you have been the one to produce my songs. David James, Chesapeake, VA

I would like to express my appreciation for your excellent work. You and Christye and the rest of the players succeeded in capturing “the heart”of the song as it was written. You would not believe the excitement this song is generating so far, particularly among professional musicians. You have excellent musical instincts. I would be a fool not to take advantage of your professionalism and efficiency. Lionel de Bernard, Dover, DE